Video Homepage Inspiration

It’s no surprise that websites are often a first impression for today’s customers. Whether it’s because online shopping is on the rise or it’s because people would rather see what the company has to offer before making a trip or a phone call, many customers are making their purchasing decisions after visiting the website. There are many elements that contribute to a website’s quality, and one website doesn’t have to have it all to succeed, but it’s still important to consider every element to make the choices that best fit the company and its brand. For this post, we’re looking at homepage videos. These are growing in popularity, and I for one feel they’re an innovative and visually pleasing option. Here is one of my favorite ones:

The BP Group:

I use this example because it’s one that matches everything I mentioned above and more. It’s aesthetically pleasing, it matches The BP Group’s branding, and the size and placement is ideal for this company, being that there’s not a whole lot of information needed on the homepage.

For a preview of the video, click the link to The BP Group’s website.

The video has simplistic movement with a detailed background of the New York City skyline. This remains true to its brand, as a commercial service in the tri-state area. The wording on top further enforces that.

The contrast of the wording is another aspect I enjoy. With the black and white video and the bold, white font, the company’s description is loud and clear. The arrow at the bottom instructs the user to scroll down for more information.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your homepage, or maybe just a new way to express your brand, try a video! Whether it’s on the simplistic side or it tells a whole story, a video has the ability to transform your homepage. Not only is it entertaining, a customized video is memorable.